Arts Alive

The brochures are here

I’ve just picked up a supply of brochures for the annual Mole Valley arts festival – Arts Alive. The arrival of the brochures is a turning point in the summer for me. It reminds me that autumn is coming, it gives me key dates for the autumn diary, and it is an opportunity to check out the entries for the events in which I’m involved.


The range of events is impressive – from cave tours to brass bands, from Shakespeare to Music Hall, and from lacemaking to choral music. All the arts seem to be represented. The visual arts, drama, music, poetry. There are opportunities to participate and opportunities to sit back and be entertained. And there are grand opening and closing events. The whole thing is a tribute to the energy, skills and talents of the community and of these running events, or overseeing the whole thing.

Delivering the poem

All of which serves as a backdrop for my particular focus which is on four events. On 14th October Mole Valley Poets will be running a workshop on the delivery of poetry to an audience. Projection, breathing, commanding the stage, engaging the audience and much more will be covered along with a section on microphone technique. The afternoon, in the Stepping Stones pub, will benefit from the extensive experience and insights of actor/director Darren Cheek and will feed into the open mic evening in the same venue on the following Monday evening. Poetry Pub is an annual event which has proved popular, and an opportunity to read to an supportive audience or to just listen and enjoy a range of styles and approaches to poetry. Expect to laugh, cry and experience a few of those ‘sharp intake of breath’ moments which poetry can provoke.

Jazz Cafe

Sandwiched between these events is the Jazz Cafe on the evening of the 14th October in Betchworth Village Hall. This is a Greensand Band event and will feature swing and Latin numbers, instrumentals and vocals, and a chance to relax in a cafe atmosphere. I will be seeing how many saxes I can play in one evening.

Entente Musicale

The final event for me is Brockham Choral’s French evening on 11th November in St Martins Church. Featuring the Durufle Requiem and with the wonderful Janet Shell and Meilir Jones as soloists, it should be a treat. I’ll be working hard on the tenor line.

All of this, and much more, is described in more detail in the brochure and, of course, on line at I’ll be trying to get to as many events as I can.


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